teamWork Health
Streamlining Patient Care
Prescriptions are handwritten,
giving rise to the risk of
miscommunication and errors
in prescription dispensing
Patient records are in paper
formate, raising the probability
of misfiling and even a loss of
the entire patient record
Appointments are planned and
logged in a paper-baed ledger,
leading to inefficiency in the
tracking and management of appintments
Follow up appointments can
get missed with no mechanism
for reminders for both admin
and patients
teamWork Health is a fully integrated, Cloud-based,
database management system, teamWork Health
provides a one-stop patient management solution
for clinics and hospitals.
With teamWork Health, administrators can efficiently
and productively manage their patients data and
care, and hamess a variety of online tools to keep
their patients and physicians connected.
By automating the patient management process on the Cloud, you can better
  • manage expanding caseloads
  • monitor delivery of care
  • share records and information
  • track client, patient, and programe outcomes
  • communicate and collaborate with your teams in real time to provide the best for your patients
All the information youn need
on a single dashboard

With teamWork Health,you can consolidate and
manage all your clinic processes and data records on a single plateform.The handy dashboard app enables you make informed administrative and medical cre decisions.

From one easy plateform,your clinic can easily
  • Update patient records
  • Fill prescriptions
  • schedule appointments
  • Follow up on repeat care
  • Manage patients remainders and alerts via sms

All patient information is linked across management modules,negating the need for multiple data input and reducing wasted time as well as error caused data input.

Enhanced patient care
Remote patient management
With teamWork Health,hosted on the cloud,your
patient under long-term follow up care can:
  • log in from home and upload their health
  • information online for physician's review
  • schedule and manage theit own medical appointment booking
  • obtain repeat prescriptions where appropriate without making a repeat visit
Call up patient records in an instant,any time,anywhere
With patient information stored on the cloud,
doctors can share and collaborate on a patient's
care from multiple location and geographices.
Prescription can be retrived by dispensing clinics
online,resultin in accurate and efficient dispensing
of drugs to the patient.
SMS appointment remainders
and alerts
Follow up appointments can be as long as six
months apart,so this handy SMS alert app is
invaluable in helping busy clinics ensure their
patients don't miss appointments,and trun up on
time.Remainders can be scheduled at
predetermined periods in advance of the booked
For busy clinics with long waiting times,patients
can register their attendance and leave the clinic to
return only when they receive an alert as their
queue position advances.this eliminates
unnecessary times.
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