teamWork Education
Connecting to a better Education
teacher having to shoulder a greater administrative burden, leaving them with less time to actually teach and interact with their students parents
Students taking advantage of the system's failing and playing truant.
Parents not updated regularly on their child's school progress untill it is too late to take preventive measures
School administration overloaded with information and tasks, leading to needless stress and forced error and omissions
An integrated, Cloud-based, database management system, teamWork Education, developed for educational institutions which automates the operational and administration processes to aid in the efficient functioning of the institute.
With teamWork Education, administrators can efficiently and productively manage their school records and harness a variety of online tools to streamline their operations.
Apart from managing information, teamWork Education provides a one-stop portal to connect students, teachers, parents and school. administration.
Automating educational management process will provide a platform through which
  • Students can check their progress online and access their student information
  • Parents can access the system and get up to speed on their children’s progress
  • Teachers can lower their workloads while optimising student learning through auto-graded online student assessments/div>
  • School administration can be managed on a single platform, eliminating data duplication, redundancies and data loss
teamWork Education – a solution for everyone
More efficient workflows for teachers
With teamWok Education, teachers can easily update their students’ records anytime and anywhere, just by logging onto the Cloud. Many tasks such as assigning homework, grading tests and creating timetables can be automated, which gives teachers more time in the classroom
Tracking student attendance is more effective as teamWork Education triggers SMS alerts to parents if their child is marked absent during class roll call. This handy application has proven to lower truancy rates in schools that operate on teamWork Education
Better study experience for students
Using teamWork Education, students can check on class and exam timetables, obtain library resources, submit their homework from home, obtain marks and grades to track their progress and even interact directly with their peers and teachers online, similar to social platforms.
Regular updates for parents
Parents are kept constantly in the loop on their children’s attendance, assignments and study results as well as school events, through SMS and email alerts or simply by logging in online. They can also engage in two-way communication with the school and teachers on any matters
Features to simplify administration
Information on a single dashboard
The handy dashboard app enables school administrators to manage faculty, student admissions, all communications and campus facilities through a selection of linked modules – all on one easy platform. And because teamWork Education is hosted on the Cloud, school administrators can manage multiple campuses even across geographies with ease.
Increased productivity, optimised resources
Data is synced across all relevant modules so administrators only need to input information one time, eliminating the need for labour-intensive and repetitive tasks. The result is increased office productivity and optimised staff resources
Flexible and targeted communication
With functionalities such as mass email and group text messaging, administrators can push out timely announcements or updates via email or SMS alert to students, teachers or parents. Administrators have the flexibility to deliver a message to a single student, a single class, a single year or the entire student body.
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