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teamWork CRM 3.0


Manage prospects/customers database, track leads, set follow-up reminders,
update records and close deal.


Instantly create and distribute highly targeted messages.


Get holistic view of your organization.
Monitor scenarios right when and
where they occur.

Team & TASK

Allocate tasks , monitor work
progress and review team members
performance from anywhere.


Communicate and collaborate with
your teams in real time to offer quick
solutions/service to your coustomer's.


Go Paperless. Generate and email
documents to customers and attach it
with relevant sales process.

Why teamWork?

teamWork is a framework on which we develop web-based solutions. teamWork aims to streamline team, process and technology to help businesses increase their operational efficiency and productivity, reduce process obstacles and operational costs. teamWork solutions offer businesses a suite of services that help them to:

  • connect people, process and data in real time across the organization or department on a single platform
  • route workflow, documents and information electronically
  • customises data according to department
  • generate reports and dashboard for analysis
  • store, search and retrieve information quickly
  • communicate to target segment

But every business is unique and within those basic requirements, you have needs specific to the way you do business. That’s why customisation is such an important part of what we do. With teamWork, you benefit from a tried and trusted, robust IT solutions that we can customise to and build onto, to make your business work better for you.
  • teamWork CRM Benefits

    • Enhance your Sales
    • Streamline your Sales Process
    • Manage your Sales Pipe Line
    • Enhance Client Relationship and get close to them
    • Deliver higher levels of service and Customer Care
    • Enhance your Branding
  • teamWork EMS Benefits

    • Streamline Administrative tasks
    • Saves time and effort of teacher and administration
    • Targeted communication with students, staff and parents
    • Enhances parents engagement and involvement in student education
    • Better study experience for students
    • Regular updates for students and parents
  • teamWork HCS Benefits

    • Streamline Administrative tasks
    • Send appointment reminder to patients
    • Generation of comprehensive Electronic Medical record and patient profile
    • Customise clinical data according to department and laboratory
    • Save time and effort of staff and doctors
    • Send notifications and updates to staff and patients
Our Clients
  • Client Testimonial
    "teamWork has helped us achieve greater productivity by streamlining our orders directly to our back-end operating systems. Being fully aware that our requirements have always been stringent and complicated, I thank you.."
    Jonathan Liew (Assistant Vice President) Transnational Company Pte Ltd
    Requirements & Challenges Faced
    • Difficulty in managing huge customer database in various countries
    • Challenges in managing various Product/Service lines
    • With increasing business, Manual Order Management was becoming puzzling
    teamWork Solution
    •  Deployed teamWork CRM solution with following features:
    • Organised Customer Database Management
    • Organised Product Line with proper access right
    • Online Contract Management
    • Online Order Booking by Staff as well as Clients
    • Single solution installed in multiple countries
    • Multilingual Solution
  • Client Testimonial
    "With infoTrust, we got teamWork CRM customized to the way we operate. For the first time we were able to store all our customer records, send out quotes, monitor sales progress through the sales cycle, and even send out mass emails to market to select points of our database for segmented marketing"
    Angela Dove (Director) Proof Perfect Pte Ltd
    Requirements & Challenges Faced
    • Rapidly growing business was increasing customer data which in absence of a system was leading to unorganized information management
    • An in-house system was unable to support the enormous amount of account & opportunity data
    • To grow business further they desired to gain visibility into sales pipeline
    • For providing quick response to customers there was need to digitally generate proposal, create project and invoice
    teamWork Solution
    • A comprehensive web-based CRM solution : teamWork CRM to manage pre and post sales activities
    • Task Management module to allocate tasks to team and monitor work progress
    • Reports and Dashboard to review and grasp quick sales data and develop line of action
    • Integrate proposal and payment management module within CRM
  • Client Testimonial
    "teamWork has provided us with an effective avenue to receive, execute and archive our customers’ printing requests and more importantly all of that done in a more systematic manner. We are also able to advise customers on payment, deliverables, etc..."
    Eunice Wang (Project Manager) CopyPrinter Pte Ltd
    Requirements & Challenges Faced
    •  Required a robust & customizable CRM solution to accommodate business specific ordering system requirement
    • System to capture all customer interactions and track the organization’s operational responses.
    • Select an always-available, low-maintenance, on-demand solution to support 24X7 operations.
    teamWork Solution
    • Deployed web-based teamWork CRM solution along with the order tracking module
    • All the customers related documents can be uploaded on the portal and can easily retrieved
    • Solution being deployed on cloud can be accessed from anywhere at anytime to provide customer support
    • Solution integrated with customers website to receive enquiry from customer directly from website.
  • Client Testimonial
    "infoTrust met and exceeded my expectations. The customer service is superb! I am looking forward to a long working relationship with company"
    W H Leong (Managing Director), Hoestar Inspection International Pte Ltd
    Requirements & Challenges Faced
    • A dedicated software solution to manage the complete sales cycle from lead generation to close the deal.
    • Software to have feature to bulk mail facility to send mails to prospect/customers
    • Software should have feature of sending notification to executives for follow-up reminders.
    • Quotations / SO/ Invoices should be generated via system
    teamWork Solution
    •  Deployed teamWork CRM solution with following features:
    •  Manage Customer Database
    • Manage Product/Services database
    • Tracking daily sales activity
    • Record and follow-up complete sales cycle
    • Send Mass emails
    • Reports & Dashboard to give analysis of sales data
    • Customer activity/ history management
    • Modules for quotation/sales order & invoice generation
  • Client Testimonial
    "infoTrust met and exceeded my expectations. The customer service is superb! I am looking forward to a long working relationship with company"
    Suresh Aggarwal (Managing Director), Infotech Global Pte Ltd
    Requirements & Challenges Faced
    • A CRM software to:
    • Manage daily sales activity
    • Keep track of leads
    • Send follow-up notifications to executives
    • Record customer communication history
    • Send mass emails
    teamWork Solution
    •   Delivered a teamWork CRM for:
    • Managing Customer Database
    • Managing Product/Services database
    • Tracking daily sales activity
    • Record and follow-up complete sales cycle
    • Sending mass emails
    • Managing Customer activity/ history